20 best hip hop club song in 2023

20 best hip hop club song in 2023

We bring you the list of some interesting hip hop songs you can try and listen to,most of the track on our top below are single released by some new school rapper although there are some lyricist with clever wordplay that will blow you off. Below is the 20 best hip hop club song in 2023 check out it out

1.Estee Nack & Westside Gunn – Oldnackdonaldhadafarm

20 best hip hop song in 2023

The song talks about two different rappers, Estee Nack and Westside Gunn. They talk about their experiences dealing with drugs, violence, and crime. Both rappers mention their admiration for expensive fashion, and the money they’ve made through their illegal activities. They express a sense of pride in their success and warn their competitors to stay out of their way.

2.Kodak black – Gunsmoke Town


20 best hip hop club song in 2023


Gunsmoke Town is one of the single featured on Kodak black new album titled Pistolz & Pearlz

Put my life on the line the seventh time for these niggasAnd these the same niggas, I catch ’em out here, I’ma kill ’emIt’s fucked up out here, at first they cross and then play victimYour big homies ain’t right, lil’ Wop lost his life to the system…

3. Baby keem ft Kendrick Lamar – the hillbillies


“The Hillbillies” samples Bon Iver’s “PDLIF” and is the latest joint effort from cousins Lamar and Keem, who previously worked together on tracks such as “N95,” “Die Hard,” “Range Brothers,” “Savior,” “Nile,” and the Grammy award-winning “Family Ties,” among others. According to Keem’s tweet announcing the collab, the single also makes reference to Drake’s “Sticky” off his 2022 album “Honestly, Nevermind.”

20 best hip hop club song in 2023

The video, filmed entirely on VHS, takes place in several places including London, a mall, city streets, a private jet, and outside Dodger Stadium where Tyler makes his notable appearance, kissing the camera and dancing in front of the stadium with both Lamar and Keem.

4.Rio Da Yung Og – Pooh shiesty

20 best hip hop club song in 2023

Them niggas that, kept yelling that, I got money

Blowing real bubblegum weed, 8, ouuh


Blowing real bubblegum, 800 for an ounce of this

I be somewhere running up a check, keep me out the mix

Guarantee they said they know Rio if they be out in Flint

I just got a hundred K in cash for a sponsorship

Still thanking God for my accomplishments

Nigga said I told and he ain’t get no acknowledgement

I been down two or four a day, bae I’m tryna quit

5. Lil Durk ft j Cole – All my life



Lil Durk dropped something deep with one of the best lyricist in America music industry Jcole

Check out all my life by lil Durk featured Jcole

6.Chester Watson – eyes closed


Eyes closed is one of the track featured on Chester Watson unreleased album fish don’t climb trees. The album that’s schedule to drop on 30 June 2023

7. George Lopez – Pierre

George Lopez was previously teased by Pi’erre Bourne during an Instagram livestream on May 7th, 2018. Almost five years later, on April 14th, 2023, the rapper officially released an album that includes several of his old songs, including George Lopez, with the album name being GRAILS. The song portrays aspects of Pi’erre Bourne’s life, specifically his use of drugs and sexual experiences.

8.Freaky T (remix) – Tia corine ft. Latto


Look at me, what she wanna be, call me Freaky T [Oh, yeah


Off the leash, I feel like a dog, I get hella flee [Ruff, ruff, ruff


Keep it P, never needed you, but you needed me [Oh


I got cream, make a bitty cling, boost your self-esteem [Oh


I get top in the mornin’, so I feel like Baby Keem [Oh, yeah


Force’s black, step on somethin’, so I dress like Baby D [Oh


Bitch, I’m cold, pussy ice, so now you know it’s givin’ cream [Oh, yeah


I got hoes, one is not еnough, come build a nigga team [Oh]

9.Princess Diana – ice spice ft Nicki Minaj


Princess Diana” is a song by American rapper Ice Spice. It is the second track on her debut extended play, Like..?, released on January 20, 2023, through 10K Projects and Capitol Records. A remix with Nicki Minaj was released as a single on April 14, 2023, which peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot 100, earning Ice Spice her second top-ten hit on the chart and the twenty second top-ten hit for Nicki Minaj.

10. Leave her – Lucki



Leave Her” is an old LUCKI song, recorded around 2021 and had leaked around early 2022. This song has quickly became a favorite amongst fans due to the string instrumentals provided by frequent LUCKI producer BrentRambo. Around a year later, the song would start to gain traction on TikTok, causing the song to become popular again. Due to the new popularity, fans consistently asked LUCKI to release the song for months on end, until he finally did on a surprise release on April 27th, 2023.

11. Rear view – Young Boy never broke again ft Mariah the scientist

Rear View” is a song by American rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again and American singer Mariah the Scientist. It was released on April 14, 2023, as the second single from YoungBoy’s sixth studio album Don’t Try This at Home. It was produced by DrellOnTheTrack and Khris James, one of YoungBoy’s in-house engineers. The song was mixed and mastered by Jason “Cheese” Goldberg, another one of YoungBoy’s in-house engineers

12. First show – Luh Tyler

First Show” flips Stevie Wonder’s “All I Do” to provide Luh Tyler with a signature barebones beat for his smooth, relaxed flow.


First Show” flips Stevie Wonder’s “All I Do” to provide Luh Tyler with a signature barebones beat for his smooth, relaxed flow.

13.fat racks pt.2 – Luh Tyler &Baby Tron

Skinny nigga, fat racks, stayin’ the fuck up out the way (gang)


White Runtz inside my blunt, that bitch burnin’ like some sage


No, I ain’t doin’ shit for you if that shit don’t get me paid


Bad bitch, she got her toes done and her edges slayed


I’m on the beat, I’m in that mode, nigga, you can’t stop the rain


Make sure that my family straight before I ever buy a chain (on gang)


I get in the booth, my feet kicked up, I’m kissin’ Mary Jane (out my body)

14.Ain’t gonna answer – NLE Choppa ft lil Wayne

Ain’t Gonna Answer” is a song by American rappers NLE Choppa and Lil Wayne, released on March 23, 2023 as the seventh single from the former’s second studio album Cottonwood 2 (2023). Produced by Ben Billions, it contains a sample of “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” by Birdman and Lil Wayne.

15. All I wanna know – lil keed & young thug


Safety locks came in the Benz like I’m a child


Young age adapted to the streets, I’m runnin’ wild


Now I don’t know how to be a duo or a front, baby


Backwood, I don’t know how to roll a blunt, baby


I don’t know how to ask you, “Do you want lunch, baby?”


But I know just how to get out and get me some, baby


Ashin’ all the blunts, drinkin’ Maybelline


Ashin’ all the blunts in the trophy


You gotta ask her how she know me if she know me


And ask her date any of my gold links


All I know how to do is make this cash talk to you


All I know how to do is make these bags walk to you


All I know, yeah, yeah, all I know


All a nigga know is get this shit by any means


All a nigga want is a bad bitch from Philippines

16.scaring the hoes – jpeg mafia & Danny brown

Scaring the Hoes (also known as Scaring the Hoes, Vol. 1, both stylized in all caps) is a collaborative studio album by American rappers JPEGMafia and Danny Brown. It was released on March 24, 2023, by AWAL Records. The release featured sole production by JPEGMafia and included a sole guest appearance by independent Maryland rapper Redveil. The album had been teased for a year leading up to the release of its first single “Lean Beef Patty” on March 13, with the album’s official title being announced the same day.On March 21, the title track from the album was released as a single

17.Nun I’d change – Yeat

Noticeably different than his usual material, “Nun id change” showcases Yeat taking on a darksynth house beat whilst talking about his wealth and how he feels when high.





Before finding its spot as the fifth track on AftërLyfe, Yeat would tease a portion of it on his Instagram account.

18.Bacc like I never left – 03 greedo

Now I’m back like I never left, pussies in I step


I got stripes like a fucking ref, my hood I’ma rep


Throwing racks, running up a check, still ain’t had no sex


‘Fore I even got released I put some water on my neck


Now I’m back like I never left, pussies in I step


I got stripes like a fucking ref, my hood I’ma rep


Throwing racks, running up a check, still ain’t had no sex


‘Fore I even got released I put some water on my neck, aye





Hopping out the Aston, highest fashion, diamonds flashing


I’ma need a model who be posting all my captions


Fuck me in the studio, I like my bitches nasty


She study and dem nigga give me brain, I call it classic


Take your draws off, got a curfew, take it all off


Still’ll spray your nigga like the perfume off the mall walls

19. Kant nobody – lil Wayne, Swizz Beatz & DMX

Kant Nobody” is a song by American rapper Lil Wayne, released on February 23, 2023. The song, which features sampled vocals from late fellow American rapper DMX, was produced by Swizz Beatz and Avenue Beatz. It was included on Lil Wayne’s first greatest hits album I Am Music

20. King snipe – Gucci mane & Kodak black

King Snipe” is a song by American rappers Gucci Mane and Kodak Black, released on January 13, 2023 with an accompanying music video. It was written alongside producers Richie Souf and Fourteen

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