Ex convict mp3 download

Ex convict mp3 download

Shallipopi is here with new single titled ex convict. This is brand new track by shallipopi was released after gaining his freedom from EFCC custody. Get ex convict mp3 download and lyrics of ex convict below

Lyrics of ex convict


Eru no go dey

They call me Shallipopi
Bing breezzzy (eehh)
Men mart o
Men mart
‘Cause if yawa don cast
The only way we no fit take loose guard
Na him plug don go and the kpo no last (clear road)
Everybody must chop breakfast to collect money
Must chop payback
Adakpo money eehhh
Onto many red oga go pay them back

Commot body for Shallipopi (Erhnn, sharp)
Clear road make them leave am for me
When you talking money then you talking
Voltage my body electric dey shock me
Gat 2 bitches in the nightclub
Gift 21 make he like one
Cause pluto is active
Till I start to dey bend am
Dey bend am
Dey bend am like benz
Dey bend am de bend am dey bend am like benz
Dey bend am dey bend am dey go
Dey bend am like Benz
Then I start to the bend am
Then I start to dey hear an
E never too tey when I start to dey get am
Got off this paper (yeah, yeah)
(Me I got of it, yeah)

Inside cell (inside life)
Hope say you mount up sha cause no joy inside there (inside life)
How you take dey Shali
You dey confirm BTC?
So you dey confirm BTC
And your broker is active (empty road, you sef you dey confirm BTC)

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Ex Convict mp3 download

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