Jidenna – Blush Lyrics

Jidenna - Blush Lyrics

Jidenna dropped a new single titled blush, below is the complete lyrics for blush



Jidenna lyrics to Blush


Shit, haha, haha

I ain’t even gonna hold you

You got me giddy with your pretty self

You got me…



Driving from the Valley to the LBC

The homies saying, “Damn, you spending gas on that?

Is the pussy made of juice, is the ass so fat?” (Ooh-wee)

My nigga, please, believe

Yeah, my love’s tatted on my sleeve, my sleeve

The heart is just a muscle, gotta squeeze the squeeze

And if it breaks, you rebuild it, if it bleeds, it bleeds

I-I-I, make you yell to the sky

When I’m grabbing around your hips with my head in your thighs

Called my dog in Khartoum, he said, “Bruh, that was soon”

She ain’t even moved in yet but you call it y’all room

I’m in love with your pearl, coming up in this world

I mean your boys would call you gay when you crush on a girl

That’s the way we was raised, in a way we was hazed

Keep it cool pimping your feelings must stay in the shade

I-I-I, it’s what it is

When I love a woman I ain’t afraid to commit

Only when we fucking am I gon’ call you my bitch

Though I really hate to admit I know I need you



I-I-I, I came with my mask off

Your kiss won’t disappear

Baby, it’s crystal clear

I-I-I, niggas don’t blush no more (Blush no more)

But they wanna fuck you raw

Baby but for you I’d cry

I-I-I, niggas don’t blush no more (Don’t blush no more)

But they wanna fuck you raw (Raw)

Baby but for you I’d cry

Cry, cry

Cry, cry

I’ll take off my cool for you, babe


And cry



Haha, you got me singing off in a corner

I can’t even talk to you on the phone in public no more

‘Cause you make me tall, make me tall

The real thing is, uh

It don’t matter if I go in the other room or

Slide in your room

‘Cause I love you, baby

No warm up



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