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Kevin Gates - Pages audio songKevin Gates lyrics

American singer and songwriter Kevin Gates dropped a new single titled Pages. Check out the Audio song and lyrics of pages by Kevin Gates below

Lyrics for Pages by Kevin Gates

I took a lil hit of coffee
I took a lil shower
Sippin’ some red wine (Sippin’ some red wine)
You know I love rub your feet
This is our time love (This is our time love)

Took a lil break from my life
Did a lil brain stormin’
Did a lil soul searchin’
Feel a lil pain formin’
When hard work don’t work out
She got away from me
I’m better right now
Deep down inside wish you would’ve waited for me

Gainin’ use of my power
Controllin’ the temperature
It never rained

And once you change your perspective that’s when miracles happen

Verse 1
I’m in a cabin out in Brookhaven
I rеad a travel lodge book daily
Be awarе of your energy and where you place it
Know that my instagram disabled
I do not lurk from any fake pages
I had kinda given up on old faces
Romanticism, I was born to be a lover
Innocent in most cases
Tramautized by my heart break
All my efforts only seen wasted
Celestial court and all the holy names
Fellowshippin’ with the angels
I know god hear me when I’m prayin’
I just wanna take time for to thank him
He just sent me somethin’ from Columbia
Hold up shhh gotta keep it sacred
In a fitness centre up in
I’ve been getting back to the basics
Flex gym, I’m flexin’ hard
Shoutsout to Ms.Amy
Cigar lounge, I’m stationed
Vibe around me contagious
I was ridin’ around in the big body Benz Coup
Playing Big Gangsta
Got love for my old friends they all started changin’
Difficult to keep up, we on different pages


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