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American Rapper and Singer Lil Baby released new single titled Not Finished . Check the full lyrics of Not finished by Lil Baby below

Not finished

full lyrics by Lil Baby

They call me Wham and they know who I am, yeah
She got that WAP and the way that she use that saliva with top
It should come with a mop
I need to stop, been out here rocking the game
With these features, it’s over for niggas as soon as I drop
She looking for love but my heart somewhere in a box­
She trippin’, I changed the locks
Never tell nobody you seen me by myself
Out and about, it was me and the Glock
Sun up to sundown ain’t none else to do but get money
So fuck it, I’m working the block
AP a cool quarter million, I’m sorry this watch did not come from me
Punching no clock
Build up some plays, got my number in motion
And got me a spot and start working my flock
Why you keep texting me WYD and WYA
You giving off cop
I told lil’ bro if he can’t get a knife
Get a lock and a sock and just work what you got
I know for sure if she wink she’ll go
I ain’t cuffin’ these hoes I be swappin’ em out
We really spin shit, I really did shit
I can’t talk about ’cause I’m not for the clout
They puttin’ trackers on cars, watch ya Insta
As soon as you dip they gone break in ya house
Put unc and a chopper in mines if they ever come in here
You better not let none of ’em get out
I be performing whenever I’m in it
As soon as I nut I should take me a bow
I done had this one and this one and this one and that one
Like fuck it, let’s fuck up the town
She super pretty and handle her business
Like fuck all these bitches, I’m buckling down
She super friendly and like her a nigga who spend it
I’m tellin’ you don’t bring her around
She post a picture without my permission
Got me in some shit man these women is wild
She fucking niggas but think I don’t know
That shit really a joke, man, lil’ mama’s a clown
I know some hittas who dead to the wrong
But they still came home, we took it to trial
I’ma tell you when I’m finished (never)
I get sturdy when I’m in it (bow)
Talkin’ ’bout I hurt her feelings (ouch)
If I want it I’ma get it (now)
Shooters in here, all the windows (down)
Oh, you tryna get a bag? (How?)
Everybody know we pushin’ them pounds, yeah
Aye here I go, I ain’t walked in a minute
Fully in charge, I’m the boss of the business
When it’s a problem ain’t calling nobody
The hittas is already with me
I come from the heart of the city, the streets
I was all the way in ’em
I just dropped a banger with Nicki
My TRX taller, I lifted it
Soon as they harvest, they ship it
I just pray to God to forgive me
I been out here killin’ it
It was starting to go left then I shifted it
You can come work for me, I got benefits
You can’t do what I do, I invented it
357 with a switch and extended clip
And another clip, that’s for backup
Stand out the way, I been running my sack up
I wish one of you pussy lil’ niggas would act up
I bet we OD on ’em, bulletproof Cadillac
That’s 200 racks, I told Lil Ced to go buy 3 of ’em
He thinking that he straight ’cause I let ’em skate
I hope a nigga know that we on him
Hate it had to come to that but ain’t no coming back
It is what it is
Big the quarterback and I’m the running back
I get the team up the field
Look at my chain, it got bigger
Change up yo’ face, you look bitter
I hold it down for the real ones
I’m tryna pocket a billion, get out of line
You gone feel me
When I get high, that’s the real me
I know my opps wanna kill me
Ain’t going nowhere, I’ll be here
Post your location, we’ll be there
Get out of place and get beat up
I’ma tell you when I’m finished (never)
I get sturdy when I’m in it (bow)
Talkin’ ’bout I hurt her feelings (ouch)
If I want it I’ma get it (now)
Shooters in here all the windows (down)
Oh, you tryna get a bag? How?
Everybody know we pushin’ them pounds, yeah


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